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Well the 10 is running nicely, just waiting for stuff to grow. I've been itching for a slightly larger tank.


So... I've decided on a 40g breeder size tank. Which I know when I goto the store to buy it will magically turn into a 46g bow. :


Equipment list is as follows...


Lighting Coralife aquapro (150w HQI + 2x65w actinic + 2 moons)

Skimmer Aqua C remora (w/ prefilter)

Fuge AC500 modded

LR 60-75lbs

Heaters 50w Tronics x 2 (the short ones that go into the AC500)

Flow 2 PHs, Possible wavemaker devide. Undecided.

Substrate Eyeballing black, but will problem go with standard


Thats all I have so far. Comments and suggestions?

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Forgot to mention what I'd like to keep in this tank.


This will be a full reef tank. With my lights I hope to keep softies, LPS, and SPS. SPS will be limited towards the middle of the tank closer to the surface.


As far as fish, I still haven't decided what to keep in my 10g so I'll think about this later. :D

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instaed of blowing the wad on the 46 go with the breeder and do a under the tank sump/fuge, aqua C urchin, drill it, ect. And if you do not want to do sump look at TOTM's on Reefcentral for a breeder for a good example.

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I went down to the LFS today and checked tank prices. I will definately be doing a breeder, bows are pricey!!


I'm going to stick with sumpless on this guy. The heaters can go in the AC500. All that will leave me with is 3 (2 flow and 1 skimmer) maxi jets in the tank, and one tube for the AC500. None of that is too bad. Not going to do the pre-filter on the remora as I don't think its needed, and its prett big.


Also if I can locate a 50g breeder locally (18" tall) I will be using that. Is this still considered nano. Am I allowed to stay here for help :P .


Also what are some of the bigger fish I can keep in a 36x18x18 tank. Would a yellow tang be pushing it? Flame angel?

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