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Two Golden CBS in One Tank?

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Quick question - can I have two golden coral banded shrimp (unmated/un-bonded) in my reef?


I have a 60G mixed reef tank with a lot of caves, arches and shadowy areas.


I currently own a Golden Coral Banded Shrimp (Stenopus zanzibaricus) in my tank, and he's been with me for ~1 year now (or close enough to it). He stays small, and is relatively peaceful, and I keep him with various inverts, corals and fish, including nanofish like a TSB, GCG and tangaroa goby. He has never preyed on any of my other animals and is relatively reefsafe. 


Following this somewhat positive experience, my LFS recently brought in another GCBS (exact same species/markings) for sale. I have no idea if this new shrimp at the LFS is male or female, but I was wondering if I could add it to my reef (?). Will there be any issues between the new shrimp and the older one? 🤔


I also have a Candycane Pistol shrimp (lives in burrow and seldom seen), an old Saron shrimp (sticks to shadows like a ninja and is nocturnal) and a new Cleaner shrimp (sticks to 1 or 2 arches - only moves about for food). So far there has been zero territorial issues or fighting between any of my existing shrimp. I was planning on adding a Blood Fire Shrimp next to my group (in the far future), but for now, I was wondering if I can add a second GCBS - or will this cause any issues/fights with my current shrimp load. 


The shrimp I own is this:


Image result for stenopus zanzibaricus


(Pic from google).


(Not to be confused with a yellow-banded coral shrimp or regular coral banded shrimp, which both grow larger and can be meaner - this species stays ~2" including its claws and is quite small).


If anyone has any experience keeping this shrimp, or even having two of them in one tank, please share your experience with me. Thank you. 

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I've never personally tried this, but, reasonably, that should be enough space for all your shrimp to spread out and not bother each other.

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