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Old JBJ 1-Gallon Pico - What's it called?

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Bought this 1 gallon JBJ pico with light about 15-years ago from a local store. Recently set it up again. I'd like to find another one but haven't had any luck on Google. Anyone familiar with this model?




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That looks really nice, but do you think the shrimp is going to have enough space when its antennae regrow on the next molt? I'm pretty sure it's going to basically fill the entire tank, and not really have anywhere to go. May not be the best creature for that tank. Sexy shrimp could work better. 


It's likely not in production any more, though I've seen some similar-looking betta tanks. Your best bet is probably to post in the LTB forum looking for someone who has one in a closet somewhere. 

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On 10/10/2019 at 9:05 PM, Tired said:

Sexy shrimp could work better.

And/or one or two blue-legged hermit crabs.


Or maybe something different like a decorator crab, or....LOTS of invert options.

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