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Redline cleaner in the post

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Hey all!


i’ve ordered A redline cleaner shrimp and a zoa frag for next day delivery.


unfortunately, the delivery got held up at a depot - I’ve called regarding this and asked why and they couldn’t give me a reason... I’ve ordered this exact same way in the past and everything went smooth, so hopefully a one off


im really stressing out... I’m pretty sure the zoa will survive but what about the shrimp??


thanks for any input!

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If you ordered from a reputable company...they will usually issue you store credit for a loss or replace the shipment for free.


To answer your question...no one knows whether the shrimp will survive or not.  We have no idea what the postal service is doing with the box and there are too many variables at play when shipping livestock.  In all honestly, you have a 50/50 chance of livestock surviving during shipping...either they will or they won't.



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Thanks j, when it arrived it looked like it’d seen better days, but after I started acclimating he livened up - been in the tank for almost a week and doing good 🤗 brightened up and gotten more active.


zoa frag also survived and is currently open


pretty disappointed in the postal service that it came with, as I had to work the day it came so I left a big note on my front door asking to ring when it gets delivered. Lucky I was watching the tracking site... no phone call! And the box was placed right in front of the sign..

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