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Pico-suitable "fresh" live rock/sand place that's currently open? Or use macros to seed?

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Long story short, I have about $60, and I want to get a few pounds of good live rock and live sand to get things started on my tank. I figure I'll put the rock and sand in a little QT, add a pump and light, and feed occasionally to keep everything alive. Do some big water changes at first while it cures, then a little one now and then, and I'll bet I can spot most of the pests. Anyone have any suggestions for a place that'll work? I messaged the guy at GulfLiveRock to ask if I can buy a mix of sand and rock, but that was a week ago and I haven't heard back, and I just remembered the whole hurricane thing anyway. So now I suspect there aren't likely to be many fresh rock places that are open and putting off good stuff.


What's my best bet for finding decent LR and LS right now? I want mostly scavengers and maybe some neat macros, I'm not looking for corals or nems or whatnot. Doesn't matter if the rock isn't very pretty in terms of shape, I just want it to seed with. For the sand, I'd like something white, with lots of scavengers (especially micro brittles, I love those), and I don't need much. I'm going for a shallow sandbed. 


Alternately, anyone have any experience with seeding scavengers via macros? I'm wondering if I could get a few bits of rock from a local shop (theirs is okay, but not thrilling, mostly just good for bacteria, bristleworms, and some coraline) and get most of my biodiversity off of macroalgae. 

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