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Uh I think my mushroom hates me.


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Well unless he is splitting off to make new babies, but other wise I may be in trouble.


Last night I noticed that my blue shroom was way extened. It was so extended taht it's stalk was over 3 inches long:o . I also noticed that the stalk had stretched across the rock and had attatched in several places, leaving me to believe that it was maybe trying to propogate.


This morning I awoke to find the head completely separated fromm the stalk and on the other side of the aquarium. No evidence of anything eating on it was found, as the head was in perfect condition with a small little tail at the back where it had separated from the stalk. The stalk is still in good shape on the asjoing rocks, but the head is just floating around.


So what should I do? Should I find a rock and rubber band the head to that rock, or should I just leave it alone?


I just don't want to see my pretty little blue mushy get stuck under a rock where I can't see it, or worse die.

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More importantly, where did you get this blue mushroom?? I've been looking all over for it!


Haha...is there enough light? I know they are low light creatures, but there is a possibility of having insufficient light nevertheless.


Is it in a high flow area? They tend to like mid-lower flow areas.


Put some rubble/rocks in a shot glass (someone else here taught me this and its in garf.org) and stick some netting over it w/ rubber band and hopefully it will reattach itself to the rubble/rock and you can the place him someplace else when it has attached...shouldnt take too long.

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It is under the stock 24 watt Nano cube light, and every other shroom has been doing fine under it. It was also in a moderate flow area, so it makes me wonder about this guy. He has always been an absolute PITA, to get situated. He finally settled on a rock on the oposite side of my green shrooms, but now...who knows. I just think it is so funny that it left it's stalk behind, and am eagerly awaiting a few new small blue shrooms. Hopefully this will be the case. But if not, I won't be too un happy so long as the original head survives.



As for where I got it, and what color it is, I bought it from my favorite LFS in Georgia, Cappucino Bay. The color is awesome, and the best way to explain it is through a picture of some thing that looks very similar. So here is the best picture I can find.


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thats normal for mushrooms, its one of the ways they propagate them selves


i found one in my filter once


and another in the middle of a pile of rock about 40cm away from the main colony


one of mine just split by movin along the rock like yours did and left a little bit of its foot behind that is now a tiny shroom

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Well thanks for the uplifting words. I will be stoked if I have a bunch of these little babies. My green shrooms did a differnt kind of prop. One end of the shroom just pressed agains the rock, and before I knew it, I had a baby green shroom below the big ones.

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yeah, mine do this too. The trick is to nab them before they find their way under rocks or in the back etc, tehne use the shot glass trick with some rubble then glue the rubble where you like.


I must have 5 under the rock someplace...

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