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This guy is extra salty

The salty 160 adventure

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This guy is extra salty

I have been meaning to start a build thread for my 160 that is being the life line for my #oldschoolpicoreef 


scored a pretty sweet deal

spent $500 on:

  • Display
  • sump
  • stand
  • skimmer
  • 2 heaters
  • 2 return pumps
  • carbon/gfo reactor
  • lights
  • CO2 scrubber
  •  a bonus live rock with a toadstool on it


This tank was wet 7/23/18


build list:


  • Marineland 120
  • stand
  • 55 gallon sump (40g refugium)
  • two maxspect 230 gyres w/controller
  • 2 jebao wavemakers
  • 60lbs fiji pink sand
  • 2 brightwell biobricks
  • reef octopus skimmer
  • 40lbs live rock  80lbs live rock
  • brightwell neomarine salt
  • 2 aqua illumination prime hd
  • 2 rapid led aurora saltwater pucks (imitation xr15’s)


so i reseeded the tank with a biobrick that was from my RS750


it took about a week to fully cycle so the lady gets some clowns...



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This guy is extra salty

Soon after I had to “organize the electronics”


still a rats nest


I also added lights and a hook for filter socks



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That was a sweet deal! Tell us more.

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Definitely a bargain, looking forwards to seeing what you come up with

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This guy is extra salty

Here is s picture log from September 2018 until January 2019


the first two fishes


We decided to have a clown harem


During the fall and winter the tank gets about an hour of sunlight 


Here is the mushroom rock


I came home to this huge anemone that the ole lady purchased, which disappeared two weeks later.


A night shot and I can say I had a even amount of sand at that time until my diamond goby went nuts aquascapingE4771BE3-2113-4E15-A085-751129060E4F.thumb.jpeg.9ae0d3a7725fb6c901a35d1cffc7e56a.jpeg


January 2019BC44EA12-3E65-48B8-925F-F3BEECD3C6E7.thumb.jpeg.c21d3c0e54d7cd3b60c41631bf60c06c.jpeg


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This guy is extra salty

So after sending in a Triton icp test out earlier this month. I have been trying to figure out why my Acropora colonies are randomly RTN/STN.


Well the results are in everything is perfect but Tin and aluminum 😱21A06B1C-FF7C-4533-8687-55680272013E.thumb.jpeg.b29751afcc6d83cb19cbaa39e17402e9.jpeg


so i guess I’m going to be magnet fishing this weekend and digging through my tank and sump. I really don’t want to “start” over, maybe I can convince the ole lady to allow me to build a bigger tank.🤞


but for now looks like I’m heading online to @Marine Depot  and picking up some rowaphos and some polyfilter 

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