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Rock flower anemone arthropod compatibility- host suggestions?

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What are some mobile inverts that y'all have kept with rock flower anemones, and seen them interacting, without any negative effects? I'm trying to plan stock for a 5gal nano tank containing some zoanthids and other hardy soft corals, and a rock flower nem, and I want something crawly to include. 

So, my questions to all you rock flower keepers are: 

1: what mobile inverts have you kept with rock flowers? Shrimp, crabs, whatever squat lobsters are, anything that has armored legs and no backbone. And if you've got a shrimp with a backbone, I've got questions. 

2: what interactions did you see between them and the nems? I'm looking for a creature that, if it gets spooked and darts into the nem by mistake, won't get stung- I lost a blenny to an incident involving a bad startle and a (venomous) rooster waspfish once, so I'm not eager to repeat that in invert-land.

3: do you know where your nem is from? I'm wondering if locale makes a difference at all. If you don't know the locale, what colors, and did it have a pattern? 

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