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Smallest calcium reactor you have seen?


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Well, anyone out there have any cool ideas for a tiny CA reactor? I've been kicking the idea around for my 5.5 gallon reef for a while now.

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Well I know MRC makes a "nano-CR"...not sure on the size.


Why not just set up a nielsen reactor on a dosing pump? Much less complicated and greater room for error. If your effluent gets out of wack, your pH could drop like a rock before a controller get a hold of it.


I use Kalk on mine and my Ca and Alk are pretty stable.....maybe a jolt of buffer once a week.

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I agree with onthefly, I use a kalk reactor as well. Email me as I make custom kalk reactors. I can probably make one to fit anywhere you need it :D

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With the magnetic stirrer?


Here are some pics of the first one I made (that is still in use on my tank)




The design has changed since then. If you look at the reactor's on my web page that is a better representation of what they look like now. I don't use SS screws anymore as my supply dried up. I like the nylon thumb screws better anyway. I was going to design one mixed with a Maxi-Jet 900, but interest has been lacking so it's been put on hold for now. That doesn't mean I couldn't be persuaded to do it though :)

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