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Mangrove Planter Suggestions

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14 hours ago, SeaFurn said:



I can imagine that root ball fitting into something like a 5 gallon bucket.


And I guess mangroves are farmed, so perhaps it was puchased from a group like this:



Seems like it's natural for the roots to remain pretty tight like that anyway:


10 hours ago, seabass said:

I think if it's suspended (and supported) that the roots will "reach" for the substrate.  Although I've never personally played around with mangrove trees.

I haven't either, but from reading about them I think you're right.  


Supposedly the seeds (not seeds apparently, but propagules since they are already alive and not dormant like a seed....cool!) are already alive and photosynthesizing when they drop off the mother tree and can shift their buoyancy between laying flat in "drift mode" to find a place to root and floating vertically when they're ready to root.  


If rooting doesn't work out, they can even shift their buoyancy again to lay back down into "drift mode" again to find a more suitable location.


Seems like that would mean that if they're happy they'll stay upright and send down roots all the way to the bottom all by themselves.


And on the converse, if a mangrove won't stay upright on its own, that just means conditions aren't good for it/it's not happy and its trying to drift.


I didn't see anything about them growing or being farmed in freshwater when I was reading, but that doesn't really speak to what's possible, just what's happening....and I mighta missed some stuff. 😉 


It would be an interesting tank to maintain aesthetically for the awesome submerged habitat, but I wonder how long before it outgrows a tank (and room) like this assuming it stays really happy?

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