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Finnex Planted+ 24/7 with customization for Saltwater tank

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I have a 10g fish only dry rock setup. I have this Finnex Planted+ 24/7 with blue (from RGB led) at 8/10 level and white at 2/10 level. I can bump up the blue to 10/10 but my question is can i grow any type of coral with it? 

Initially I didnt plan on coral and also I had this led lying around so was using it for showcase but looks like I may try some coral. Currently I have this ON for 6 hours. I have seeded the tank with some coralline algae a week before. There are some diatoms now on the rocks and not sure where the coralline went 😊

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It's worth trying, but the FW lights are normally stronger on the red spectrum and weaker on the blue.  Having it configured like you are is probably putting out a low level of light.


Low light corals should be fine (you can always google to get a pretty comprehensive list to know what to shop for) but cheaper zoas, GSP, mushrooms, xenia, etc would be good to test it.

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