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SCA 66 front electrical panel

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I'm setting up a new SCA 66, and thought everyone might want to see my electrical solution. The sump this tank comes with is huge, so not much else fits in the stand with it. I wanted a one switch-one plug setup, and found a DJ switch panel I was happy with on Amazon. I got it and realized I had nowhere to put it that wouldn't be directly in the way of salt water in case of emergency. After some head scratching, I settled on the front horizontal support. It's main task is preventing side wall collapse, and as long as the holes were close to the center and not the edges, I figured I'm pretty safe. I found some scrap light cardboard and marked the center of each switch. I transferred the marks to the front of the cabinet with wax pencil, and using a 1-1/4" hole saw, cut the holes out. 20190825_115206.thumb.jpg.b28138b2be7defac9f15228186d57622.jpg




My daughter (8) was thrilled and painted the inside of each hole black. With an extra set of hands, I mounted the switches from the back.





(Be aware, mounting is next to impossible unless you can sit in the cabinet with a helper lining the switches up with the holes for you.) Now I can run the cords along the ceiling, my cord management side is happy, and my salt water/electrical risk does down significantly. The cabinet door covers the lights when its closed, and it won't keep me awake with the red glow. I have since added labels from my labelmaker under each switch. 

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