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Thrift Store Pico!

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I have no idea how the manufacturers thought a fish would fit in this thing... but it entertained me so much that I swiped it (for a whopping 8 bucks, totally breaking the bank here) and am making it salty lol


It apparently has a built in filter, air pump, heater, and light.  I’m pretty sure the heater is just the other electronics.... and also it runs on USB power!  For now, I have it next to my bearded dragon’s terrarium for both heat and some UV rays.  I’m thinking about learning to wire LEDs so that I can throw a couple blues into the lid.  Thoughts?


Right now, it has a splash of sand from my other tank and a layer of shells I also found (and washed so many times) at the marvellous thrift store sale.  Water changes just get to be transfers from the other tank lol.  I have a 2-3” piece of old worn coral skeleton from some beach somewhere or other percolating in one of the back chambers of other tank to collect some hungery bacteria, and then it will go into this itty bitty teeny weeny (no polka dots, though) tank.  After that... probably just some gsp scraped out of the (again) other tank .  This thing is so small XD



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Oh, that's cute! I might try to give it a little background, and I likely wouldn't risk the shells, just in case. I'd probably also pop in a bit of macroalgae if you have any. 


Yeah, in terms of dumb tank design- I have a little aquarium incorporated into an alarm clock that's maybe 5" long, max, 3" wide, and sold for fish. I bought it to use as a terrarium for very small plants. I've also seen a betta tank that's maybe a couple pints, and contains a nightlight right up the center of it, because let's just shine bright light at a thing with no eyelids all night! 

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