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The lesser barrier Reef

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This is the journal of my 5.5 I’m building and it’s going to be called the “the lesser barrier reef” a play on words of the gargantuan Australian reef of course. Starting out my goals with this is a place holder until I can do my dream tank after college. When the time comes I want to have a 12 in cube reef, one for freshwater, and one for a tropical vivarium that way I can have a cubic foot of the ocean, a river and a rainforest. But nevertheless my goal is to use rock to cover on side and most of the back wall and have zoanthids and euphyllia as well as one montipora after I become somewhat more confident in myself. In the sand bed I plan to use macros to make a sort of kelp forest while also keeping the nitrates and ammonia down. I used to have a small hobby of setting up vivariums and selling them so getting out of my comfort zone for this reef is quite exciting!


As this is still the planning phase I’m thinking it all through and trying to find a macro that has a jungle Val look to it. 


Equipment: I bought a wave maker, light, surface skimmer and heater from @superdave and I am looking forward to having most of the equipment I will want to start the tank. I am going to make an ATO and I am eventually going to add a HOB that holds just chaeto. 





Planned inhabitants 


Vertebrates :

Looking for ideas on livestock, looking for something that is comfortable in my tank but I am not looking for anything crazy or large groups and if I decide no fish that is okay too. I like fire fish and yashas and miss my watchman’s goby when I had my last tank. But i am open to ideas because the animals life is more important than my enjoyment. 


Mobile invertebrates:


Rock flower anemone

Small shrimp or crab  (a sexy shrimp or maybe a Pom Pom crab)




Sunny D zoanthids 


Hammer coral 




Eventually a montipora 


Nothing crazy expensive as I don’t think I want to put tons of money in before I am incredibly confident. 




One scarlet hermit 

One Trocus snail  

Several Cerith snails 


I’ll keep everyone updated on this as often as I can 

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Welcome to NR. We are here to hep if you need it. Is the tank a standard 5.5? Which light did you get?











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12 hours ago, debbeach13 said:

Welcome to NR. We are here to hep if you need it. Is the tank a standard 5.5? Which light did you get?











It’s a beams work 1300

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Update Aug 15: 


Today I picked up the actual tank and found some of my old rock I broke it up and found that it was hollow and artificial. Doesn’t surprise me because it was free from a friend and he had a mix between real rock and artificial. Will that be toxic? 

I am painting one side and the back black tonight as well as working on the rock scape. Will post pics tonight.

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