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Official Lifegard Aquatics Crystal (AIO) Aquarium Club!!

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The Rainy Day Aquarium

Dang @Daniel92481 you are leading the 4.1 pack with your tank! 


I need to get my rear in gear with mine haha, but what can I say? If you stare at hair algae long enough you start to like it :happydance:

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Haha thanks man. Yea, this tank was inspired by this thread. Cool huh?🙂GHA sucks! Your tank will come around! Not if you just stare at it though haha. It’s not a rare variety of torches, I promise haha. You’ve been busy making cool and essential tank items for the rest of us though, so we’ll let you slide this time.☺️

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Here’s my Lifegard 2.6 AIO. First thing I did was upgrade the pump and now it doesn’t sound like a freight train!


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On 11/6/2020 at 12:33 PM, mlivvy said:

Drilled my 24. Still work in progress and still trying to get over the new tank stages. Chambers are really small so the biggest hole I could safely drill was 3/4". 1" would've been perfect but it gets too close to the back glass. The AIO section is now a big overflow. The return pipe has a small hole inside the chamber to push water thru the chambers on the right. I was concerned over the bottom drain being a problem and draining the entire tank out. I tried to plug it up at first but the top overflow alone will never handle an overflow not even at 100gph. Solution was a 2nd hole for an emergency drain going up the first chamber.  





Love this stand!

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