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Fluval Evo 5

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I know there's a thread for the Fluval Evo 13.5, but I've recently set up a Evo 5 and would love to see if anyone else has and what they've done with the tank. The plan for here is to be a clean and simple bulletproof softie pico. Maintenance wise; no testing or dosing, just a simple weekly 2-gallon water change and replace filter media. Below is a list of the upgrades/equipment I've added, and a picture of the scape before most of the upgrades.  I'll upload some new pictures soon, but am curious to see what everyone else has going on with this very cool little tank.


Fluval Evo V (sealed up the back wall and rear divider wall holes)

InTank Media Basket (floss, phosphate pad, chemipure blue)

InTank Surface Skimmer attachment

Cobalt 606 Return Pump

NeoTherm 50W Heater

RFG Nozzle
Current Marine LED 




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Nice!...I just started one, seeded mine with my main tank. Thinking on having zoas and lps in this one.



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I created my account today to get in on this.


I’m going to the LFS tomorrow morning to pick up the tank. Stay tuned.

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