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What's the hype w/ zoo's?


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I guess I am a bigger fan of LPS...


Don't get me wrong, I like zoo's too...Like I see nice zoo's, and I can't help but pay tons of money on getting a diverse variety of them.


But in the end...when I look at the tank as a whole, they merely seem to be background colors. While the 2 LPS (or even shrooms) i have stand out way more and that's the initial thing my non-reef folks notice when they look at my tank.


And I had bad nudi attacks in the past that killed off quite a few of my nicer frags...=/ and they first started when I introduced one of my favorite zoo frags...sigh.

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Oh don't get me wrong...I'm a Caulastrea fanatic, and Blastmussa merleti (spelling???)...amazing! Fugia, Ricordia, Wellsophyllia, Euphyllia (esp ancora or hammer), those are some of my Favs! But in Nanoreefs (or in my case pico reefs) there isn't a lot of room for many of them (esp Euphyllia w/ the sweepers or brians w/ their size).


Secondly, people will notice what you want them too. If you got the time/money take an entry level marketing class. It's all about what you place where. You can easily draw attention to other things. It's all about placement & design. Also, you like LPS more, so you would naturally make them a focal point in your tank instead of zoos. See?

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Well, it's not...just the basic principle if applied to a reef are no different then drawing attention to a print add and drawing an observers attention "threw" it, or to a certain point.


In my tank the Caulastrea is the main focal point (in the center a major marketing faux pa) but you can't help to see the GSP right infront.

Your eye will catch the BRIGHT orange zoos in the upper left and in moving there you'll see the first blastmussa protruding from the rock.

When your finally looking at the Orange zoos you'll notice the pink/green ricordia and RPEs

The the largest colony of green w/ yellowish green skirt zoos is impossible to miss afterwards on the far right w/ the PPEs right below.

Lastly the orange zoos above the yellowish skirts brings you right past the second blastmussa.


The only thing you've missed is the Xenia and pastel pink zoos, still working on that one. Got an idea for a solution to the Xenia...but the pinks I don't know.




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I dunno what Marketing course you took... but mine was nothing like yours apparently... I am doing my 3rd year in Marketing and we don't talk about displays or placement, that is more for the advertisers and designers to worry about. All we talk about is PEST, 3Cs, 4Ps, and then objectives and strategies. I suppose you could apply marketing to your tank... but I think applying advertising would make more sense. I don't think that product, price, placement (as in distribution), or positioning (in the markets) would really apply. Although it would be funny to hear someone talk about the Political, Economic, Social, and Technological considerations of a ricordea... or the competitive advantage of one zoanthid, or perhaps even the positioning map of all button polyps on a tri axis diagram of size, colour, and hardiness. I know I am being fecetious, and I don't mean to offend, just thought that the marketing course that you were taking didn't sound at all like marketing to me.

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tank lay out is like a living sculpture. all the basic rules of design aply. (art major in case you can't guess)


Actually I agree most with the art application...and I'm not an art major so no bias here! :)

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I like them cause


1) They come in almost unlimited colours

2) They are pretty cheap for a small frag

3) They grow quickly

4) they can be fragged easily

5) they make great trading material (see #s 3 & 4)

6) They don't sting, so they make great filler between the LPS and SPS

7) There isn't too much that will attack them

8 ) They are very hardy

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i love SPS and zoos are about the only thing that can grow in between the stonies and not harm them or cause them to constantly slime.


plus the colors are cool. i wouldnt want a whole tank of them though. they are pretty boring.


my 2 cents.

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I'm not big into zoanthids, I occasionaly see one I think is worth my money, but then again, I am an over kill picky reefer who thinks "Safe Cracker Reds" are nice, and for the most part, the rest of the zoos I see suck. There are always exceptions to the rule however...

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Originally posted by corey0613

i love SPS and zoos are about the only thing that can grow in between the stonies and not harm them or cause them to constantly slime.


plus the colors are cool.  i wouldnt want a whole tank of them though.  they are pretty boring.


my 2 cents.



what? zoanthids are an sps keeper's worst nightmare. theyre invasive and take up real estate sps need in order to encrust and form bases. Not to mention they are hard to remove, with threats of toxicity and their damaging growth patterns. mats, taking up all usable room. their resilience will backfire against you and will decrease your sps' growth. Your sps will spend too much energy trying to sting them. Eventually, most sps croak cause theyre taken over.

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uh oh we have a 3 year marketing student here...hey keep dictating what you have just read... then when you get out into the real world and actually apply these theories...then you can get on here and sound like an idiot.


now as far as zoos...


little boring for me... I like Rics. and capenellas (red exotics)

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