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Sexing Aurora/Pink Bar/Suntail Gobies.

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Hey Reefer types!


I just recently lost my long time Randalls pistol shrimp / Black ray gobie pair. I now know why they have similar lifespans.


I recently acquired a paired Aurora/ Pink Bar / Suntail gobie and a Tiger pistol shrimp. So far my pistol shrimp is showing who wears the pants in this relationship.


I just made a post about sexing pistol shrimp and I feel compelled to ask the same about the gobie. Is there a method of sex identification in this gobie?


Thanking you in advance.



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If I recall correctly, gobies can change sex.  So it's likely that you have a male.  However, I also believe that it is recommended that you only keep one of each species, unless they are a bonded pair.  Sexing usually indicates that you are looking to pair it up.  I'd probably recommend against that.


Can someone confirm or refute that for Paddy?

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