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watanabeireef- NUVO25reef

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Welcome to my build thread and thanks for stopping by!

The Details:
This thread is going to follow me taking my very new reef, I decided to go with a NUVO 25 gallon. I have had several years of saltwater and reef keeping experience and have recently decide to jump back in. The tank has been aquascaped with roughly 18 pounds of reef rock. My vision was to create hiding spaces for fish and invertebrates while still having an open concept with plenty of water movement. The tank water is still settling, so it's not entirely clear. 


Please feel free to comment and provide any feedback. :)








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Christopher Marks

Welcome to the community @watanabeireefer! 👋


I love the aquascape you've created in your Nuvo 25, it has a lot of depth and looks really cool from above too, lots of great surfaces to mount coral.


How long has it been since your last reef tank?

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Hello there 


Thank you! I will be posting more as I go along here. Last tank I had was a 225 gallon reef, with acro's in 2009. So I have patiently waited to get back into it.



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My tank(Nuvo 25 gallon) has been up and running for about two weeks now. The tank is still cycling, I tested about five days ago and had an ammonia reading of .25PPm. Three days ago, I have noticed my first bloom of algae on the sand. It appears to be brown diatom algae,  as of checking it today it seems to have began to decrease. I will test water parameters again tomorrow, salinity has been a little high. 


White there haven't been any photos something I wanted to share was how I did the aquascaping layout. I use two large pieces of cardboard one to set out all the rocks and another to lay out the dimensions of my tank. I used the second piece of cardboard as a "space to design the aquascape the tank within the confides of the tank dimensions. There were two over postives I found, first- there was the opportunity to change and sculpt the rocks with a 360 degree perspective. The second, there was no chance of bumping into or scratching the glass, when every rock when into the tank it had a pre-determined place. This wasn't my first go around aquascaping, but it certianly worked out well for me. I am very pleased with my finally design for now. 


What were your experiences aquascaping your tanks or others, what do you feel worked best or didnt work? 



Looking forward to posting some pictures of livestock, as tank continues to cycle through soon!





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