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Hello everyone, this is my updated 60 cube. Still new to the forum.

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I previously posted up my 60 cube reef but now I have updated it. The sump looked like poop so I wanted to clean things up and organize to know what goes where. Originally I had a phosphate reactor, skimmer, random rubble rock and a heater all in the same chamber. This time I took a different approach, I built a little refugium chamber out of eggcrate while I was at it. The refugium is more for the pods than it is for filtration but I still wanted it to be as big as possible. I'm still awaiting to add chaeto and pods. I am currently running a 75w par30 5000k LED from HomeDepot and that thing is bright.

As far as coral goes I added an

  • Elegance coral
  • Eagle Eye Zoas and other zoas (forgot their names)
  • Red and Green Favia
  • Short Tentacled Torch
  • Will be picking up Mohican Sun Zoas today

The Golden Eye Chalice has finally recovered from bleaching and is growing again. Unfortunately my long tentacle anemone and my rose bubbles tips have bleached and shrunk in size. I tried feeding but my clownfish won't let them eat. I have an anemone crab living in the Long tentacle but it also steals the food. If they don't make it then at least I have my Elegance coral and my trachy for the clownfish. The female loves that trachy, every night she goes in to sleep in it and rub around. That thing is massive, it is bigger than my hand, in the picture I was only holding it up with my fingers but can easily cover my whole hand.








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Really love your coral choices!

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Very nice! I like your scape I think once you get some corals on the rocks it will all come together. 

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