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Novice Q... How to fit return pump?

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Hi all,


This is a silly question but it's not one I've been able to find a clear answer for, so please bare with me!


I'm having a 7 gallon AIO peninsula tank made for me (at a bargain price!) and the acrylic wall for the sump area will have a 1/2" hole drilled into it to accommodate the return tubing/nozzle. My question is, how do you actually fit the return piping and nozzle - does the tubing go through the 1/2" hole itself, or is there some gadget to lock it in place behind the wall/to the return nozzle? I'll be using a Sicce Syncra 1 pump for the return, which as I understand it accepts a 1/2" hose. I'm fairly easy on the return nozzle itself - perhaps the IM SpinStream or something cheap - but presumably I would need it to fit the 1/2" tubing or hole?


Thanks for your thoughts!

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