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norbert's waterbox 10

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I added a clown to this tank a couple days ago so I decided to start a journal today! I previously had a 29 gallon nano for a couple years before converting that to a freshwater planted tank. I had never had a freshwater tank before (other than a small tank with a single betta) so I wanted to try something new. After a few months I decided I wanted to get back into nano reefing so I bought a waterbox 10 cube and an AI Prime HD.


Equipment is the waterbox and ai prime, stock pump with carbon and filter floss, hydor koralia 425 gph pump, and 7-8 pounds of rock from my old tank that I bleached before adding. No sand so cleaning is easier and I can do whatever I want with flow.


It's just the clown for now, although I hope to add another fish and a mix of different corals. Livestock suggestions are always appreciated!


Here's the tank as of 7/12/19, any tips for taking decent tank pics would also be great:20190712_154506.thumb.jpg.059f73001625ed202e786dd0277da213.jpg


And here's a blurry pic of the clown:



My only question for now is about the cloudy water, it's especially noticeable around the rocks with the light on (the picture is pretty close to how it looks in person). I just turned the light on for the first time yesterday so I don't know how long it's been like this. Is it just a normal bacteria bloom?

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Tanks looks great.


Actually @banasophia documented great instructions on taking pics. Check out the TOTM, it's really helpful.




There are a lot of great corals you can do.


Fungia plates, torches, hammers, acans, favia's, chalice, ricordea, leptoseris, scoly's.


Rock flower anemones are great too.

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Thanks, that photo guide is really helpful!

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