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Another Evo - Kevin's 13.5

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Hi All,


I'm Kevin. After a year of keeping a Spec V I decided to upgrade to something larger, ultimately deciding on the Evo 13.5. Fast forward a year later and I'm finally getting it running, it took me a bit to gather equipment and longer than I'd like to admit to create a scape that I'm content with.


So, two years into the reefkeeping hobby here I am with a new journey beginning. I decided it was time to finally make a journal of my own, and no longer just be a lurker.



Fluval Evo 13.5



Sicce Syncra Silent 1.0 w/Vivid Creative Aquatics Random Flow Generator

Aqamai KPS

InTank Chamber One Basket w/flow director

75w Cobalt Neotherm Heater

Baylite temperature controller



Marcorocks Reef Saver Rock

Marcorocks E-Marco- 400 Mortar 

Caribsea Fiji Pink Sand



I have yet to purchase my lighting, I'm still undecided which direction I want to go. I'm between an AI Prime HD and a Nanobox, I plan to make a decision in the next week or two (input is welcome!).


Once the 13.5 is cycled my plan is to move my Smart ATO Micro over to this tank, for now I'm just topping off nightly.


I set up and started cycling 07/08 with Dr Tim's and ammonia. I have had the Dr Tim's for a while so who knows if it was still alive or not? 


Currently my chamber two is empty, I may put Chaeto in there after things get settled in. I have Chaeto in a small hob on my Spec V currently that I could grab a chunk from.


My stocking plans initially are to move over what I have in my Spec V, which include:


Pink Streaked Wrasse


Scarlet Hermit

Astrea Snail



Blastomussa Merletti

Hammer x2


Zoas x2 



Red Trumpet

Blue Trumpet

Blue Sympodium

Ricordia Florida x2

Rock Flower Anemone


For the future I'd like to add some more fish, the top of the list includes: Gold Assessor, Green Banded Goby (pair), Two Spot or Tailspot Blenny


More corals too of course! I hope to keep it a mixed reef with mainly LPS and SPS. I'd also like to get one or two more RFA's after things get settled, we shall see!


It took two tries but I was finally able to get a good layer of Plasti Dip on the rear glass.





I rinsed the sand for 10 minutes and still got some cloudiness, oh well!



I'll try and stay on top of updates as things progress! I'll also try and get better at taking photos... oof.


If anyone has suggestions or ideas on corals and possible placements that would be cool.



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That rockwork is pretty cool, nice aquascape. 


I had a blue assessor before, I think the gold would be good for your tank, not a major swimmer by any means, similar to a firefish. 


Will be cool to see this one develop 


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Quick little update, cycle is coming along well. As of Sunday Nitrites making a strong showing. I also ordered the D-D Jumpguard Pro lid kit yesterday. I'm excited to get that put together!


I still haven't pulled the trigger on lighting (I tend to be indecisive). 



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I like the islands approach to rockscape -


EVO13 tanks are awesome. Happy with mine. Great nano tank and dimensions!

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