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corkscrew anemone

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I've done something foolish, one of my clowns is hosting in some sinularia and he is covered in burns. I have a beautiful BTA who found a home under where the powerhead comes out [the clowns don't go over there], and the BTA has been flourishing, although it's only been a month since I got him.

I spotted an unusual looking corkscrew anemone online, and did some research, but not enough, as i mixed up my metric and imperial measurements. I got him yesterday, he is absolutely beautiful, started out on a rock then dropped to the sand [he has the most amazing bright red foot].

then this morning I wake up, the clownfish are really interested and hanging around him but not committing yet. 

However the 10cm i was imagining in my head appears to be 10 inches, yesterday he was all of 10cm in diameter, with nice fat green tentacles, and this morning he is enormous with fat green/pink tentacles, Cthulhu  himself, and he's sunk his foot into the glass bottom, which i can now see through the side as the sand is only about an inch and a half deep.

I think he's beautiful but now I'm worried this tank is too small and I'll never get him out now. I will keep doing what I've been doing, water changes, testing, feeding etc, and I am just hoping he doesn't move. Criticism welcome, I'm aware of the noob error of not researching carefully, I'm just hoping he turns out like the BTA and stays healthy 😞

20190709_135725 (2).jpg

20190709_131434 (2).jpg

20190710_083622 (2).jpg

20190710_083250 (2).jpg

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Long Tentacle Anemone (Macrodactyla doreensis)?  Long Tentacle Anemones are often called Corkscrew Anemones, and can grow up to 18" (45cm).

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If necessary and you have to remove it  just massage its foot at the base where it's attached to the glass . Little by little it will release it's hold .

There are some vid's you can watch as an example's of this .

Good luck.


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