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joel sandoman

Joel’s Cadlights 70g Artisan II Reef

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joel sandoman

Well I scored an awesome deal on this in Amazon so I had to take the risk based on reviews I have read online if Cadlights. Gotta say I am impressed with the tank quality. Stand is not too bad either. They of course forgot the skimmer and return pump but from what I have heard the skimmer sucks so not planning on using it long term. The return pump will just be used for water changes probably. Working on getting this thing started cycling this weekend. This is all being done on a limited budget.


Lights- 2 Noopsyche K1 pro II

Return pump- Jebao Dcp 3500

Recirculation- Icecap Gyre 3k

Skimmer- for now Cadlights stock whatever they are sending me

ATO- XTA Duetto




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I have a Cadlights Versa 68, and I have been happy with the quality too. Only issue was the plumbing no being schedule 40. Have been too lazy to change it out. 

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I had a Cadlights 45G. Customer Service was atrocious, but the tank/stand were solid. 

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