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Moving a sea anemone

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My son has a 10 IM tank. He has had a his anemone for some time and has split a couple times. Now one of the anemones has grown so big that it is stinging corals in the tank. It’s on a rock with other corals that he loves. I have another tank I can move the sea anemone to but have no idea how to get it to move off the rock. Any ideas on how to move this anemone would be great. 


Thanks for the time. 



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It is often very difficult to move an anemone that's on a rock.  Some people try to irritate it by changing the water flow.  Sometimes they decide to move during a blackout.  I've heard touching the foot with some ice can help persuade it to move.  Hanging the rock upside down will sometimes work.


Here's a video that might give you an idea.  It's been awhile since I've seen it (and didn't watch it again before posting), so I hope it provides good information.


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