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10 gallon setup

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I’m shuffling my tanks around this week and I’ll have an empty 10 gallon to play with soon. I really want to get back into saltwater with a FOWLR tank. I may add some zoas once I can upgrade the lighting.  Right now it just has 2 incandescent bulbs.


Its been 4 years since I’ve had a saltwater tank and I need some setup help. I’m thinking I need 10lbs of live sand and 10-20lbs of live rock. Is that about right?


For equipment, I have an aquaclear 30 filter that I want to use as a refugium and a 50 watt heater. I can get a small power head if I need to.


For stocking, I’m open to suggestions. I know I don’t want a clownfish and I do want lots of hermit crabs. That’s all I’ve got so far.


This tank will probably be started towards the end of the year. First I have to finish cycling and stock my 2 freshwater projects.

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Christopher Marks

10 pounds of rock should be sufficient, but a little extra won't hurt. If you don't plan on having corals, some extra rock can help make for a fuller aquascape appearance.


The aqua clear filter should make a great refugium, you will definitely want to invest in a small powerhead pump for additional circulation inside the tank.


Welcome back @nikkifro8994!

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