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Hi everyone, I'm thinking of starting a Pico Reef project, but I'm missing information about this type of project, I'd like you to help me with this work by answering my questions:

1- Is it possible to create a totally natural saltwater aquarium? (without heater, mechanical filter, etc.)

2 - Is it possible to make a natural aquarium in these proposals with less than 1 gallon?

3 - Would you like to make an aquarium in these terms only for resistant corals? what do you think?
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welcome to Nano Reef Hg23!


a pico reef  that is smaller than 1 gallon can be done, but there are some pieces of HW that will be needed, such as a light and a heater as well as something to help circulate the water. in a pico reef of that size, an air pump is usually used as the bubbles going to the surface creates a small current.  🙂 

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