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New Product - GLO™ 4P Magnetic Dosing Tubes Holder

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Oceanbox Designs

We all know precision dosing is the key to reefing success, with the majority of current dosing tubes holder on the market being cumbersome with thumb screws design, we proud to introduce the new GLO™ 4P (4 Parts) Magnetic Tubes Holder.


The OBD GLO™ 4P (4 Parts) Magnetic Tubes Holder may be the world first screw-less angled outlet design that's also coupled with our super strong and reliable successor Dual Plastic Sealed "Waterproof" Magnets Mounting System. Thanks to our "food grade" barb fittings design, no more fiddling with the thumb screws pinching on your tubes or frustration to match your 2-part dosing due to the varying pressure of each pinched tube. The angled outlet keeps liquid away from wall and splashes down. Best of all, magnetic mount means it will work on any rimless or rimmed tank or sump filter.



  • Super sleek and screw-less design barb fittings.
  • Compact design with fluorescent tension locking plate for extreme aesthetic.
  • 30 degree angled outlet keeps liquid away from wall and splashes down.
  • Dual waterproof magnets mounting system.
  • Fits 1/8″ ID or 3/16″ ID dosing tubes.
  • Hold up to 3/8″ thick glass.










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