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macro stopped growing

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Hi all

When I first got my red graciliaria, it was growing like crazy.  I was harvesting it and selling it back to the store I originally bought it from. 

I was started having hair algae grow but the red was still growing well until a couple months ago.  It was breaking apart when pulling off the hair and just not growing like before.  No white or dye offs. 

My light is Current Satellite 12" 18 watt bulb, going thru glass top.  Thought the glass made a difference from the Plexi but tried changing back and saw no difference so I have the glass back on.  Glass dealer said it is normal glass, no uv control.

I put a phosphate pad in  which seems to be helping to control that hair.  And yes, I know I was overfeeding and am doing less now.

I remember when had my old tank, pet store sold me a bottle that I believe was for coral and occasional feedings perked them up but don't remember what kind it was.

Humm... just thought about something... I did treat the tank with Prazi for worms, do you think that would have had any effect?

I'm feeding API General Cure in frozen brine shrimp now because saw white stringy poop so prazi is still getting in the water.


20 gallon AIO tank.  I do a 2 gallon water change once a week.

ph 8  SG 1.023  Nitrite 0   Nitrate 8ppm  Ammonia .25ppm (usually 0 but think up because feeding medicated food)

Any thoughts?

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Are you using anything to detoxify the ammonia?


 Not sure about the meds, if anything has died from it, you could see an ammonia spike.


Have you tested phos(api not recommended) lack of phos could be the cause for the red grac. To not grow, the gha could be smothering it and using any remaining phos.

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Actually, that ammonia spike surprised me because there was never a problem with weekly water changes.. reason I think it may be from the medicated soaked food.  I'll do additional water changes for now and keep a closer eye on it

:blink: Oh Clown, how dumb of me, I put phosphate pad in to take care of the hair algae...

Sometimes it takes someone outside the situation to point out the obvious

Thank you

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