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Looking for info - Half Banded Flasher Wrasse / Paracheilinus Hemitaeniatus

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Hi guys!


So I may be able to get my hands on a Half Banded Flasher Wrasse  / Paracheilinus hemitaeniatus which I think is a wonderful fish....


However there is very few info on its maintenance on the internet...


So first and foremost i was wondering, would it be suitable for a 10G tank?

Is it an agressive fish?

Is it easy to feed/care for?

Is it hardy or fragile?






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This is one of the rarest members of the genus, with small scale exporting from Madagascar there’s more in the US, but they’re still incredibly rare and expensive. This means information is limited, but we can assume care will be similar to other flasher wrasse species. 

I’d suggest doing pretty extensive research on the genus before getting any fish, let alone such a rare fish. 

Flasher wrasse are carnivorous and must be fed meaty foods a few times a day. They require a good amount of swimming space, a 10g tank would be useful as a quarantine tank but not a long term setup. Wrasse can be jumpers so make sure to completely cover both the display tank and the quarantine tank.


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