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The start to my nano

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I have I have had my nano going now for some were around 2 months now and everything is going pretty good . I just got a few zoa frags and are doing well so I thought I would try some sps put . I know it’s really soon to be adding sps to the tank but I don’t really like the softy’s to much . I started out with a branching monti and a birds nest and are doing good in the tank so I thought I would try something a little put harder but I know I’m moving a little to fast so I’m going to stop getting a stuff for awhile till the tank gets a little more  established lol. 






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Looking good. Slow is good. Slow is hard. I think we have all been there. The key is sticking to your maintenance, and providing a stable environment for your expensive little pets. That may be hard to do in a new tank, messing with lights, flow, alk and other params. LPS are pretty cool, and many walk the line between SPS and LPS. Plus they can be a bit more forgiving. 


I tried to stick to a schedule while stocking my tank. Earning a frag credit each week my tanks maintenance was done and params were stable. Spend only after accumulating 3 credits. I was somewhat successful with this, but I must admit on a couple of coral binges, I compressed my 3 weeks into 2, I had the idea that I was going to build a mixed SPS tank, but tossed that out the window when I fell for the variety in the LPS category. Plus it was a pain to get the flow I wanted on the LPS, let alone for higher flow SPS would have needed. 



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You picked some generally hardy SPS (monti and birdsnest), and the polyp extension is good. Looking good! 

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