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... Hello!

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Hi everyone,


I've lurked on here for a little while but I figured I should finally say hello - so hello from the UK!


I set up my first saltwater tank back in February and this forum has been an invaluable resource in doing that, so thank you everyone who's taken the time to contribute to the great content on here.


In terms of my tank... It's a little ten gallon nano with an AC70 for filtration (running floss, carbon and biomedia) and an AI Prime HD for lighting. I've really tried to just keep things simple with this tank and so far it seems to be working out - not having kept a (freshwater) tank in over a decade I wanted to keep things simple/relatively inexpensive for now. All in all things have been going pretty nicely and my fish/livestock/corals are pretty content.


Stocking list:


  • Pink(ish) toadie leather
  • Long polyp/weeping willow toadie
  • Aussie Duncan coral
  • Blue tipped frogspawn
  • A fuzzy green sinularia
  • Neon green capnella
  • The obligatory GSP
  • Blue stylophora
  • Neon green candy canes
  • A couple of blastos
  • A couple of acans
  • A couple of zoas
  • A couple of florida ricordias
  • Royal gramma
  • Trochus snails
  • Fire shrimp
  • Asterina stars (hitch hikers)
  • A lone mini brittle star (hitch hiker)


No real ups and downs to speak of yet but the tank has been through a lovely bacterial bloom as well as the customary dry rock diatom bloom - currently I'm battling with a dusting of cyano and hair algae/bryopsis... I've been buying frags from a local reefer and, while I can't argue with his prices, his tank is pretty well ridden with the stuff, so there's not much hope for me. Diligent turkey basting and toothbrush scrubbing of rocks are keeping it in check for now but I'm off on holiday this week so am looking forward to coming back to a nice green tank! Ahh yes, and I spotted my first aiptasia last night - happy days. I've just started making my own RODI at home (the LFS water just wasn't cutting the mustard in terms of TDS/nitrates) so I'm sure the tank can only get better going forward!


... Thanks for having me!




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I love the rock work!  Great looking tank!

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Welcome to nano.


The tank looks lovely. Very cool aquascape

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Now that's a great introduction

Gorgeous Arch 


Where in the UK? 

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Christopher Marks

Welcome to the community @Azur! 👋


I really like the nano reef you’ve created, that arch is great. You’re off to a great start and getting through the ‘new tank uglies’ well. Hitchhiking pests on coral frags definitely comes with the territory, despite our best effort some will get through... I’m debating how to tackle some aiptasia in my pico reef too. 

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Thanks for the kind comments guys - plenty of tinkering went into that arch before it went into the tank! All in all I'm happy with it but I'm thinking of upgrading my powerhead from a cheap Hydor to one of the TMC Reef Tide 4000s'... More flow needed!


@Ratvan Thanks mate, I'm not too far from Chertsey in Surrey 👍


@Christopher Marks Thanks Christopher. Yes, I'm very much not out of the 'ugly phase' woods yet! I've been really diligent with dipping and scrubbing new frags but I guess these things just slip through the net. I don't mind the Asterina stars though, they're pretty cool. What are you thinking with your aiptasia? I'm thinking a syringe of boiling water or vinegar might be a nice place to start...

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Christopher Marks
21 minutes ago, Azur said:

What are you thinking with your aiptasia? I'm thinking a syringe of boiling water or vinegar might be a nice place to start...

I've been considering the same things, but there's a risk of spreading them further if a treatment fails to destroy them fully. I'm thinking of buying a peppermint shrimp, the right kind for eating aiptasia. The LFS seems to be open to receiving it back too, once my aiptasia are all eaten. I have just 1 huge one, and 1 tiny one that came in on a new frag, but my tank is only 2 gallons 🙂.

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Wow!! Great scape and I love your coral selection/placement. Looking forward to following along. 

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Aiptasia x works great. Sometimes you gotta do a few attempts because aiptasia can move. But it works, get them when they are small.

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