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Office 5.5G Cube

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So then, I have been having some issues with my Pico Tank, I seem to be having constant issues. I'm not giving up but aware that I don't want to expose any Livestock to unsuitable conditions


Issues have been along the lines of Pest Algae, Pest, Pest Algae. Honestly seems to be an never ending cycle at the minute. I should have placed Benny (Firecracker Goby) into his Permanent Home Friday but I was too busy fighting Dino's and decided against it. So really I am looking at setting up something larger so that I can get some STABILITY into at least one tank.


I'm hoping that the Water Volume will assist me in keeping STABILITY, I also went a bit mental when I first started buying Corals and want this tank to be a lot more focused and I am going to temporarily use this as a spill over tank (mainly as my Xenia went mental and I cannot give it away but is too small for LFS to buy)



Tank: 5.5 Gallon Cube (28cm x28cm x28cm)

Heater: Non Brand Nano 150W 

Filter: Live Rock Only 

Lights: 168W Black Box

Rock: Live Rock

Sand: None - Bare Bottom Tank

LID: Acrylic One Piece 




So here we are currently, cleaning with Vinegar and Water (Tap) I got the RW4 Second Hand so this needs cleaning as well, plus gives me a chance to play with the wavemaker as well without flooding my desk (Too Strong for Pico), will drain tonight and leave to dry out until Monday



I have given myself a £50.00 Budget for the light for this tank, this time around I want to gather all of my Equipment and get the tank together before I get it wet. Got a couple of options

Slightly over budget but a possible future proof lights for tanks going forwards


Might drop in sand later to see how powerful the RW4 is


I already have some Live Rock, not knowing what I was doing for the Pico Contest I bought too much and threw it in my Fluval Spec 3 (Oh the hatred I have for this thing), this was maturing at the LFS for 4 weeks prior to me collecting and setting up the Spec 3 in April. So Matured by about 3-4 Months, should be good. Also got some Nice Big Bristle Worms in these sections. Nice to have this set up as I can switch my CuC between the Contest and Non Contest Pico to make sure they do not starve. 





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So I have been merrily chatting away on other forums, (I can talk a lot of shit so I spread it around, you'd get sick of me otherwise) and am on my way tonight to pick up a Chinese Black Box for £40.00 apparently he is not a fan of the set up, tank is in Barnsley so not too far to travel, also keeps me out of teh Hair of the Mrs which is good . 


Here is the light, purchase comes with receipt and 2.5 years left on Warranty. 



Now, looking into hanging options. 


I think I may be able to hang this from the ceiling (if I remove a tile or two, cut a hole for the wire and replace, once braced) 

Or Wall Mounted Bracket 


How high from the water would you recommend? I have about 1.6M to play with


Also Technical Details

- Blue PAR/PPFD value: 385 μmol/m-2/s-1 at 14"(35cm) 
- LED Chips: 56pcs 3W LEDs 
- Lens Material: Tempered glass 
- Lens Angle: 60 degree 
- Noise: 40 dB 
- Heat dissipation:2 x Replaceable Cooling fans + aluminum heat sink 
- Ideal for 24x24"(60*60cm) coverage per one Luxbird LBA-168 
- Dimensions: 310 x 215 x 60 mm (12.2 x 8.5 x 2.4inches) 
- Item Weight: 2.7 Kg 
- Avg. Power Draw: 168W±10% 
- Channel one: Violet(420nm), Royal Blue(450nm), Blue(470nm) 
- Channel two: Green(530nm), Pink(630nm),Red(660nm), 
Warm white(2700K), Day light(10000K) 
- Input Voltage: AC100-240V 
- Frequency: 50 / 60HZ 
- Lifespan: 100,000 hours 
- Warranty: 3 years 
- Certificate: CE & RoHS 
- One LBA-168 is well suited for tank of 24″x 24″x24″(60 x 60 x 60cm) 

Package includes: 
· 1 x Luxbird LBA-168 LED light 
· 1 x User Instructions 
· 1 x Hanging Kits 
· 1 x 6.56ft(2m) Power Cord 

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So I picked up the Black Box Light Last Night, works well (Blinded myself checking 👍), not in any rush to hang this thing just yet 



I did get Hanging Kits with the set up (see picture) but I'm not sure about a permanent mount, looking at other options (Canopies, Stands, etc) So while I was there I had a nosey around the place, not sure how good this thing is but he wanted £50.00 in the end settled on £75.00 for ATO and Lights. Not bad. Needs a container though




Now I have no idea what this thing is or does (apart from Automatic Top Off) but figured worse case scenario I can swap/sell for something else 

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Had a little play (not final position of lights) 

Wow it's bright

Live Rock and Water Monday I think 



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I plan on moving the majority of my stuff over to this tomorrow. Just got to figure out how to catch a Tiny Goby in a Tiny Tank without stressing him out unduly. MIght try and cup him when I feed in the morning. Similar thing with my Sexy Shrimp i am guessing

Threw in some of my Sump Zoa's as well as the remainder of the live rock that I have kept marinading in a bucket. 


Blue is extremely Blue, so need to play with my Phone Settings again



However it is really bringing out the Reds that I did not expect this to have, wonder how my other Zoa's will look once added tomorrow


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I hope that light is dimmable!

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That was lowest...... to be fair still need to hang it. Picked up the bracket tonight so will sort that 2mrw maybe.

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Well this tank still has a load of live rock in that I am letting cycle for the time being, mainly because I am away from my office until at least July 😞

Anyways, this gives me plenty of time to think and plan my equipment as I want this tank to appear a lot "cleaner" than my current contest Pico. 

So the plan is to have as little viable equipment within the display as possible, at the moment the only equipment planned in the DT is the wave maker. 


Tank:               12” Cube (5.5 Gallons)

Heater:            Hydor External 200W

Filter:               Hydor Prime 30 External

Wavemaker:   Jebao RW4

Media:             TBD

Lights:             168W Chinese Black Box

Light Mount:  150LB Heavy Duty Ratchet Pulley  


So this gives me the additional space by having the Filter and Heater External to the tank, the size of the filter also means that I can hide most of my cables around the current tank stand (office filing cabinet).


I also plan on picking up a cheap Rope Pulley System to hang my lights, as I am aware that we maybe moving offices at some point, plus the plans to emigrate to the USA for work at the end of this current year. I don't want or need a permanent solution. I very briefly played around with the idea of making my own freestanding stand or structure but decided against it due to the low cost of the Pulley System. Plus I also have the ability to lift or lower the light until I find a level I am happy with. 


I would like to have some form of life in this tank so am looking for something interesting to include in the display

Thinking that currently I'd like a Goby and Shrimp Pair so might have to have some substrate...

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So unfortunately it seems that I am not going to be able to use the External Filter and Inline Heater due to lack of available space, also I have nowhere that I can hang the inline heater vertically where I can be certain it will not become dislodged by some idiot rushing through the office (usually me).


So as a result of this I plan on moving my Marina Slim S20 HOB onto this office cube, I have ordered a smaller HOB for the Pico, this filter has been bothering me (due to size) since I started the Contest Tank, I have also placed the Unbranded 75W Nano Heater in the back right corner of the tank, I still want to hide as much equipment as possible and have roughly worked out where I can place my rock pile. 



The Rock Pile is formed over a very basic Eggcrate shelf, this allows the flow to circulate the obstruction as also allows me to remove the piece as one for cleaning if required. Need to pick up some more on Friday to hide the heater completely and fill in some gaps. 


Going to be using Crushed Coral this time around for a substrate, also been looking a lot at Mushrooms as well as fish to fit in here, did see a really cool Bi Colour Blenny and Tiny Tiny Clowns (for a year or so) 

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Ok so did some window shopping on my lunch break (before I had to dip the Pico Corals), figured out that I ordered the HOB and Pulley to be delivered to my home address not work, so will set that up tomorrow. I have found the substrate that I want to include in this tank (larger particle crushed corals) Will be rinsing this clean over this week to get ready for setting up on Friday. 


I've seen and fallen in love with some Green Clown Gobies, I have been looking for something similar to a Clown Fish that stays small to keep a pair in this 5.5G. I think that these will be perfect. The second picture also has given m an idea for this Softies only tank.




Have also seen these in a Black, Brown and Orange/Yellow. Personally love the Marked version (above) 


I have also been thinking a lot about the amount of vertical space that i wont be utilising, so have been shopping around and came across these....


Will see if i can do the same thing but for cheaper. 



Still a lot of idea's floating around but I feel that it is becoming closer to being "settled"

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Had a play around with one of the Pulley Systems this morning before work (while water change on Pico was taking place) will add a second during lunch to finalise the hanging position. I can then adjust the height via two ropes. 



I plan on getting this to my maximum height from the tank and setting it to full power, mainly to see what complaints (if any) i get from other people in the office.

Need to tidy the cables as well

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