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Will I get better random flow with 1 RFG at optimal flow rate vs. 2 RFG's at minimum flow rate?

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I've got a IM Fusion 20 gallon and running a Sicce 1.0 (251gph) pump into the stock dual outlets.  I also have a MP10 running as well.  I've been thinking of getting the VCA RFG nozzles.  Looking at the suggested flow rates for the 1/2" RGF nozzles from the VCA website it says for 1 nozzle minimum flow is 120-150gph with optimal flow being 300 gph to 500 gph.  For 2 nozzles, minimum flow is 250-400 gph and optimal is 640 gph.  


My Sicce 1.0 pump is rated for 251 gph.  With the output line going to a "Y" and then two separate spouts, each output is getting roughly 125 gph, which is at the bare minimum for the RFG nozzles.  However, if I run a single line, my pump will (theoretically) pump 251 gph, which is close to the optimal flow for a single nozzle. 


So the question becomes is 1 nozzle near the optimal flow rate better than 2 nozzles at the bare minimum flow rate in my Fusion 20?  


Given that I also have an MP10 running, would it make sense to just run a single output from the Sicce 1.0 to a single RGF nozzle? 


Has anyone set it up this way?  What are you thoughts?  Will it make an improvement over what I have now or am I just looking for ways to spend money at this point.  Thanks!

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I use 1 Rfg nozzle in my nuvo 10 with the mighty jet which is 326gph run at full power. 


My 25g has 2 returns going to a Y with 1 mighty jet with 538gph, 2 rfg nozzles. Pump run at 538. 


I also have a aqamai running. 


I have gotten the best flow with this set up.





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