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Sustainable Reef Stocking for 23 Gallon

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Hey reefers! After many successful years in the freshwater hobby, I've decided to jump ship into reefing. My current system is a 23~ gallon display (I can't remember exact numbers since I use the metric system) with a sump (8 gallons?) with a skimmer, wavemaker ect. I purchased the tank already cycled and with coral from a local reefer 2 weeks ago, and have since added a happy pair of captive bred ocelaris clowns. I was wondering what other options I have in terms of livestock, but with a twist. I want my reef to have as little impact on the real ones as possible, so I'm looking for fish suggestions who are regularly available captive bred. I know this limits my options quite a lot, but I'm hoping you guys have my back. 

Any suggestions would be much appreciated! 

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I don't think you are very limited.


Neon gobies

Court jester gobies

White spotted Pygmy filefish

Fang blennies

Assessor basslets

Yellow watchmen gobies


Coral beautys

Mandarin gobies (special care)


I bolded the two that have been very inquisitive for me. Blennies and filefish just love to check things out. Both peaceful and reef safe.


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