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Boxy Reef Dragon Reef Box Arrives!

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Hello!  I’m (obviously) new to this site.  I have a baby 5g all in one tank, started April 23, and it’s been a few years since I sold my 48” 50g fowlr (initially reef, buuuuuut two long distance moves were harder on the corals than the fish).  Looking forward to learning all sorts of new tidbits from you all!


5 lbs aragonite love sand, 3 lbs dragon scale rock (initially dry), 3 lbs aquacultured live rock.  Couple of decorations for colour until it fills with coral, lol.  One palythoa colony, already put on a few heads.  At least a few spaghetti or thread worm hitchhikers, just saw them sweeping today.


Looking to add some monticap in the future, and a bunch of other impulse-ish corals as opportunity arises.



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