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Discosoma moved and relocated itself

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I had this green discosoma near the bottom of the tank for awhile and noticed it looked like it was starting to loosen off it's frag plug.  I moved it to a higher spot in the tank thinking it might settled down.  I went away for 4 days and came home to found that it had relocated a little higher up near the base of my big SPS coral (anyone know the name of this - I can't remember).  Anyways, the frag plug looks like it might still have some remnants of the mushroom on it.  (the frag plug is at the 7 o'clock position below the relocated green discosoma).  


So, is there a chance I might get another mushroom growing on the frag plug?  Also, anyone know the name of the coral just to the right of the green discosoma?


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Yep, that is how the blasted things end up taking over the tank. Almost any piece left over can spawn a new shroom. 

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