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Moving a tank with Cyano

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So I’m getting a great deal on this tank and needed some advice. There is some cyano in the tank so I was wondering about the process of moving it. I figured I’d just toss all the sand and go with new as to not contaminate but what about the rock and the glass? Can I lightly scrub the rock and just scrape and scrub the glass? Or should I just replace the sand and do a chemiclean treatment? Should I do a 100% water change so I don’t contaminate? Any other recommendations? 


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Anytime you move a tank the best thing you can do is either wash all existing sand or replace with new sand(washed before use)


You will need to remove everything from the tank to move it.


The rocks can be lightly scrubbed, scrub the glass and siphon out the cyano.


So if it was me I would. Make new saltwater ready to use at home.



Siphon water from tank into buckets (3)

1 for corals,  1 for rocks to move them. You may get away with 1 bucket for all to be transported.


If you want to save water from the tank to reuse, remove the water before cleaning glass and removing rock and sand.




1 bucket of water I would lightly scrub the rocks in to remove the cyano, then place cleaned rocks in the other bucket of water for transport.


Dispose the water the rocks were cleaned in.


Scrub the glass, siphon out all cyano and sand.


Move the tank


Add rocks, then sand, add saved water and new water. Test parameters.


Have a seachem badge and Prime on hand just in case.



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Tuan’s Reef

I’m about to go thru the same thing.  I have upgraded to a larger tank but my 20g has pretty bad cyano and Dino. 

I have my new tank filled with water and have gotten new rocks that is cured.  Going to drop in the rocks tonight, wait for my sand to come in next week and drop that in.  Then just start a cycle with bacteria and ammonia. Once complete I plan to do what clown79 posted above so I don’t go they a mini cycle and lose livestock.

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