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Isaac's Peninsula Reef

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Welcome to my journey!


I decided to get back into the reefing hobby, Im a bit late to post on the forum, but my tank is already up and running! I add corals every week, and post updates. I Hope you enjoy, my little piece of the ocean 🙂


Tank: Fluval Evo 13.5 Gallon


  • Aqua Illumination Prime HD
  • Jebao OW-10 on the W2 Sine Settings, third speed (a little less than 400GPH)
  • InTank Media Basket (Chamber One) -> Filter Floss -> Chemipure Blue -> Marine Pure
  • Eheim Heater
  • Stock Return Pump
  • Live Rock / Real Reef Rock
  • Aqua Forest Reef Salt
  • Aqua Forest Pro Bio F
  • Aqua Forest Bio S


Live Stock:

  • Bullet Hole Clownfish (Drogon)
  • Black Ice Clownfish ( Rhegal)
  • Bubble Tip Anemone
  • Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp (Tyrion... because he cleans up everyones mess 😛 )
  • Blue Leg Hermit Crabs
  • Red Stripe Snails



  • Sunny D Zoa
  • Nebula Zoa
  • Eagle Eye Zoa
  • Holy Grail Torch (QT)
  • Gold Aussie Torch (QT)
  • Bonsai Acropora (QT)



I do daily  water changes of about 1-2 Liters of water, and have found that my fish and coral love it, my clowns have already laid the first clutch of eggs, so things are working out:)! I feed a variety of food, PE Mysis, LRF Nano, and New Life Spectrum. They get fed the NLS Pellets in the morning, the PE Mysis in the afternoon, and at night the get Reef Frenzy Nano


I just did a water change so I will post photos in a couple hours! 🙂

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Mike P

Welcome to the EVO club, how long have you had yours running?

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1 hour ago, Mike P said:

Welcome to the EVO club, how long have you had yours running?

3 months but I seeded with live rock, and water from a mature system... oddly having amazing luck , I had one algae out break, but since then I have Zero algae , even with my lighting on 14 hours then moon lights all night

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