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Power heads

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Do I require a power head in a fish only tank?

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It promotes oxygen exchange and helps suspend debris and fish poop so the filter can remove them.


So yes imo unless it's a small enough tank that the return pump provides enough flow.

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Fish only, I don’t think it’s absolutely nessesary, but it’s not a bad idea to have some extra flow imo, it can help keep detritus and food suspended in the water longer to be filtered out. It really depends how much flow the filter/ return pump has already and the size of the tank and amount of rock.

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To avoid a powerhead you can upgrade return pumps.


If it's a standard tank with just a hob filter, then ya, I'd add a powerhead.



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If you could let us know what filter you plan on using that might allow for everyone to provide a better answer.  


If you have a strong enough (GPH wise) you would not have to have a powerhead, but they are usually used in most cases.  It is just tough to get enough flow/movement through the tank from a single filter.  Either that or the high/cranked up flow from a single filter (to cover whole tank) is too much for portions of the tank.  I had this problem with my AC70 on my 5.5 gallon.  It can do around 350 GPH, which is awesome and easily moves water to whole tank but (at this point) is thrashing around some of my softy corals and kicking up sand.  


There are some very small powerheads/pumps on the market these days:  












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