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Geoff 282

Ammonia won't go below 0.02 on established tank

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Geoff 282

Hi I set up a new nan reef tank in Jan 2019 I rinsed the sand for a few hours filled the tank and sump with water from the reef shop added 12 kg of of rock. Then 1 bottol of colony to start the cycle. Since then I have added 2 small clown fish 2 small damsal 1 goby one bleney som coral a rew hermit crabs and two sales nemmis 


I change water 30 Ltr per week all fish and corals are looking fine but no mater what I do my ammonia won't go below 0.02 I small feed every other day. All other readings are fine. Stuck for answers

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Christopher Marks

Welcome to the community @Geoff 282!


May I ask what company makes your Ammonia test kit? Some test kits have been found to falsely show a little ammonia when there actually is none.

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