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n00b nano ? Not n00b to salt...


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LFS guy gave me a Eclipse 6... WAY COOL..

Had a heater and sand already in it. It was his old Mantis holding tank. I know I need more light... Any suggestions? Do they make a brighter bulb ? It's a small 9in bulb.


I plan on taking this tank to the fire station for my bunk room. I'll put in some life rock from my 55 Reef tank at home. Maybe 5 pounds of rock to start. I already added some base rock to my big tank to get it started with the good stuff. IT's spreading a little. I'm going to add abotu a pound or so of my VERY live sand and put it in the nano.


The tank it running now @ 80 degrees with nothing but sand in it... No Bio wheel, I had to order it. Also I am thinking on getting some ceriamc disks to replace the blue filter pad with and keep the bio wheel.


I'm going to add some live rock and 2 damsels tomorrow to the tank to cycle it...


Any other suggestions or tips? Thanks guys !

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I wouldnt use the damsels. The live rock should be sufficient to cycle the tank. Using only good live rock, my tank cycled in three weeks. I still waited three months though before adding anything. As an experienced reefer, I am sure you would agree that waiting a while for your tank to stabilize will only help the nano-reef in the long run. Also lose the bulb. If you wish to keep the same light fixture, gut it and buy a CSL mod kit 32 watt light (retrofit).




They used to sell a 28 or 32 watt CSL retrofit fixture. Cant seem to find it though. Here is a different retrofit that may work. Measure your hood to see if it fits. You could always make a DIY hood and put a better retrofit light in.


Also, dont recommend using the biowheel. I have heard it will only cause an increase in your nitrates. Also, you may want to consider purchasing a HOB filter to make a refugium or for using it to create water movement. Purchase powerheads to move the water around as well. I think the eclipse filter is not enough movement.


Hmmm, cant think of much else. Do a search on eclipse 6 and see what people are using. Also check out the member websites. There are lots of eclipse tanks there.


Here is a pretty good source of information:




Do a google search as well. Good luck!

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