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Is this possible?


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Ummm... this is wierd and maybe very cool.


Two days ago I noticed very tiny free swimming someings in my water. They were the size of pinheads, and white. They pulsed through the water.


Now the only water movement I have is the filter in the hood (my tank is a 5 gal corner eclipse, I moved everything into that tank from the hex, which my beta inherated, lucky him!).


So the water movement is really low, and churns in a lazy, lazy circle.


Well I sat down to watch my tank when I got home and all of the free swimming things have disappeared....except one. And here's the thing. He is bigger about 4 times the size of a pinhead, and he has a bell and what looks like a ring of tiny tenticles around the bell. He is see through now except for the very top which is white and he is doing the classic pulse pulse pulse of a jellyfish.


Has anybody ever seen this before?? I know he won't last because eventually the filter will get him (the cartrage is removed I just have coral rubble in the little box it would normally be but that has to be quite the ride).


I wish I had a camera to take pictures of this! :(

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