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Help! My Goniopora isn’t happy... ever!

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We have had our Goniopora for about 6 months and at first it was super happy but slowly has started dying from the bottom up.
If has stopped receding but the polyps never come out any more.
We have moved it around the tank every couple of weeks to see if it likes a different spot with different flow and light but nothing seems to make it happy!
Everything else is the tank is super happy except it. 


please help! 



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Please tell us about the tank itself: age, test results, etc.


One thing we know already: no coral really likes to be moved over and over.

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Are you dosing iron? 

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Gonis seem to be difficult species to work with.


I'm my experience one thing that's very important is flow. Mine like very gentle, alternating flow.


Another important factor is the water. When mine start to close up, it's a sign that a water change is needed. Even if the parameters are testing perfectly.

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