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Full Spectrum LED Pendant

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RapidLED 10" heatsink
Coralux Storm controller
Coralux LDD-6 Driver Board
6 x Mean Well LDD-700H dimmable driver
Mean Well HLG-80H-24 power supply

80 degree lenses

Rosco Cinegel 3026 diffuser


1a - 1 x SemiLEDs True Violet UV LED (400-410nm)
1b - 1 x SemiLEDs Hyper Violet UV LED (420-430nm)
1c - 1 x RapidLED Ultramarine Royal Blue LED (440-445nm)
2 - 3 x CREE XT-E Royal Blue (450-465nm)
3 - 2 x CREE XP-E Blue (465-485nm)
4 - 1 x Philips Luxeon Rebel ES Cyan LED (490-520nm)
5 - 2 x CREE XP-G2 Warm White (2,600-3,700K)
6 - 1 x CREE XP-G2 Neutral White (3,700-5,000K)






channel 1: UV
channel 2: royal blue
channel 3: blue
channel 4: cyan
channel 5: warm white
channel 6: neutral white














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Rented a par meter and the light wasn't giving me the results I'm looking for. Found a couple of issues that will be fixed in version 2.


Issue #1 - power supply

The power supply doesn't have enough amps to drive 6 channels. 6x700maA = 4.2 amps the power supply can only provide 3.4 amps. 3.4A/6 = 567mA per channel which is only about 80%.

Solution - only drive 4 channels 4x700mA = 2.8 amps


Issue #2 - not enough LEDs

12 LEDs just isn't enough to light a 20H

Solution - the heat sink will hold 24 LEDs so that's what we'll put on it.


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Why not add the NW & WW to the same channel ? What par numbers did you get seeming you weren't happy ? 


 You could also break the cluster up and make 2 clusters,more spread,even distribution,even par. 


 Something like this [per cluster]:


4x Royal Blue's or 2x RB / 2X UMB

2x Violets

1x Blue & 1x Mint

1x W & 1x WW 






4x RB & 4x UMB

2x 380-400 V & 420-430 HV

2x NW & 2x WW x 2x Mint

2x Blue


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Also, if more led's are needed add another HS side by side . You will have more coverage and power.

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+1 on more LEDS. If you can cluster them tighter together or do what @Reefkid88 said about making two clusters. That would be similar to a AI Hydra or something ya know? 

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