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Need some help with the ID of this crab and worm

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Hello and thank you for reading this. I recently started cycling my first saltwater tank with live rock. While cleaning the rock I found something that looked like a worm, see the pictures below.



Before I took the second picture I touched it and as you can see it started showing a lot of white hairs. After looking around this forum I believe it is a blue Bristle worm, however I'm not entirely convinced it's not a fire worm. Could someone confirm this for me? I ended up not putting the piece of rock in my tank, however last night I noticed a similar worm in my tank so that's why I'm here asking for help.


Besided the worm I also noticed a crab in my tank. 




The hairy legs and dark claws make me think it's a Gorilla Crab, however the body of the crab is a mixture of white and dark so I'm not sure. Also hoping someone could help me ID this guy. 
Again, thank you for reading this and I hope someone can comfirn the identities of these creatures! 

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Anybody have a clue? I'm still uncertain of what to do

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