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Toadstool identification help.

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I was given this earlier today. I'm not too sure as to what it is, all I was told was that it was a toadstool.

I'm new to reef tanks, so I was also wondering if it looks healthy.



58689418_453664522069314_7084722621186572288_n (1).jpg


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Kellie in CA

It’s hard to tell because it’s closed, but it looks okay. Definitely a toadstool. 

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Hello! It defo looks like toadstool.

I bought one that I am attaching as first pic. I got little frag and it looked like the one you showed, for first day. And after a few days it looks like second pic.


Althou I did get 1 extra frag as the seller was messing about a bit with pick up date.

Therefore I will join this topic and see if someone can tell me what the 3rd pic is. I believe it is toadstool or some sort of leather finger coral.


Anyone has any experience with this frag in the past? What's the growth rate?








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