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Advice: DYI aquarium stand 73G + sump that can barely fit inside

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Finally my engineer dad is gonna help me build a DYI aquarium stand.

We'll follow an online tutorial, hopefully the outcome will be something like this (link).


I didn't wanna go DYI, but my flat is small, and I wanna have the largest possible tank I can fit:

Length 30.7" (78 cm) -  Width 23.6" (60 cm).

This skeleton structure will then be covered with plywood, 0.39 in thick.


I'd be really grateful if you felt like giving me some advice regarding these two points:

  • Is it a good idea to put a sump that is basically just as long as the cabinet itself?
    • The stand is 30.7 inches long (78 cm)
    • The sump is 29.9 inches long (76 cm).


  • What do you think about the sketch of the sump layout below for a 73G tank that will use the triton method?
    I kinda tried to copy the layout of Trigger System 
    TRITON26-v2, making it bigger.
    (maybe won't use the triton method, I just want to have the largest refugium I can fit to maximise nutrient export, and grow pods for a mandarin).


Sump+cabinet structure (top view)



Sump layout for 73G tank to be run with Triton method.


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