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Painting my custom stand black

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Hey all,


I'm going to be building a stand for a custom tank I'm having build and I've decided I want to paint it black instead of stain it. I'm just curious what kind of paint you guys used to hide the wood grain and get a nice, professional-looking coat on your stand. 


This is the look I'm going for



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I used waterproof interior on my most recent stand. 



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Don't know if the project is already done or not but thought I would respond anyways.  


My family used to own a fairly large scale (40,000 square foot) custom cabinet manufacturing facility so I have a decent amount of experience with wood and finishing.  


My initial thought is you are most concerned (and that may not really be the case) with hiding the wood grain, if you have not already purchased the wood, consider using maple wood or any least maple skins/veneers as this has the least noticeable grain pattern.  Oak is super strong and pine is cheap, but both can have (especially oak) a strong grain that is difficult to hide.  


Wood fill (for any deep or porous grain lines/marks) and extra coats of paint (with very patient sanding in between) will help as well.  


Good luck!



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You may also want to consider sanding it down or at least using a scuff pad depending on the factory finish. Alot of times cheaper furniture has a clear coat or is a thin veneer. If you just paint on top of it you dont get great adhesion and you can practically scrape the paint off with your fingernail - not the best for a cabinet that im assuming will get alot of use.

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